Matana Jewelry - Handmade Beaded, Gemstone, Metal & Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

Matana Jewelry is based in New Jersey and specializing in unique handmade Jewelery made with semi precious stones, precious and semi precocious metals.

I use gemstones,Diamonds,crystals, gold,silver,vermeil,silk,leather and anything that inspires me and can make the heart expand with joy of beauty.
My inspiration comes from nature and both ancient, antique and contemporary jewelry and styles.

Some of my work has a Mediterranean feel to it, inspired by the colors and forms of ancient Mediterranean jewelry. I love the organic free-form and rustic shapes and textures that matches my love of a free spirit and personality.

My jewelry speaks to a wide variety of women in different ages. I want my jewelry to be empowering for women and make them feel confident, beautiful and unique with clear vision and a sense of style. I like my jewelry to be both casual and dressy, simple and sophisticates.
I am very passionate about my work and invest a lot of time and efforts in it. I would like everyone of you to be able to find your unique piece of jewelry that you can personally relate to and love. I want my work to spread joy and inspire beauty all around.
Ofter I love to hear my customers when they tell me how happy they are wearing my pieces and I see their eyes sparkle when they tell me about the complements they receive while wearing my Jewelry. That gives me a great deal of pleasure to hear that.

My work sells in upscale Juried art shows around the US, as well as Charity boutiques. I love to do those charity events as they have an important cause of supporting communities in need. I also sell in some art galleries and have a very active Facebook Fan page.

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